Family Office

We understand that it is a combination of your vision, skills, hard work, perseverance and the ability to make the right choices at the right time that has helped you create wealth. We know that making constant choices though can sometimes be overwhelming, more so due to the plethora of choices that confront you. Our aim is to assist you in every step of the way to achieve meaningful and lasting success for your family, your enterprises and your financial wealth without losing peace of mind over it.

As the wealth of the family business grow, keeping a track of it could be quite a task. Wealth can come in many forms: land, shareholdings in various ventures, equity investments, art, wine, and even cigars. With the maturity of the family office, clients look out for holistic advice for their financial wellbeing, succession planning and business legacy. Keeping this insight, we offer customized services such that all your goals are met. Our family office services include:

Philanthropic Planning: Philanthropy is a very personal objective and for many, it can be a daunting task to determine where to begin. We help the families we work with, to articulate their philanthropic objectives and to align their interest with important social causes. This includes advice and execution on donating to charitable institutions as well as setting up and management of a foundation.

Lifestyle Budgeting: While this can be perceived as an “add-on” service in nature, we aim to provide holistic services to the clients. Besides ensuring that your lifestyle does not go for a toss, we also aim to fulfil your aspirational needs. These services could include managing your club memberships, management of lifestyle properties and so on. We also assist in budgeting for your leisure by analyzing your short term and medium-term liquidity requirements.

Succession Planning: We help you to successfully transition ownership, leadership and management of your business and family’s assets to your successors. Services extended to families includes SWOT analysis of business; evaluation of unwanted attempts of a takeover; implementation of inter-generational and intra-generational transfer plans. All of these are done by keeping in mind the various laws of several nations that can potentially affect the family office.

Training the next generation: Generally, due to lack of experience, younger family members face complex challenges when they assume leadership in managing the family’s wealth. We share your vision to prepare them for future responsibilities and help develop the next generation’s capabilities with practical experience in dealing with those responsibilities. We provide guidance and mentoring to help them prepare for their new roles.

Business and financial consulting: As a result of our experience, we have an insight into the challenges and opportunities that businesses face. Keeping this in mind we provide integrated consulting services that include financing and business consulting to families that help sustain and grow their enterprises. We do this by helping family offices in restructuring the business, developing new business, guarding themselves against unwanted acquisitions and navigating them through different phases of the economic cycle.

Risk Management: We believe that it is important to take the risk but it’s foolish to take it blindly. In order to protect your family, your enterprise and your assets, it is imperative for you to plan for the unexpected. Insurance is one such instrument that helps you achieve this objective. We assist families in determining the insurance requirement, conducting due diligence of the available options, evaluation of other financial products for protection, and monitoring the same.

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance: Having acquired a plethora of assets over time by various means, such assets of the family and their enterprises face many unique regulatory issues. Moreover, as the members of the family and family enterprise have interests in multiple countries, compliance with laws of various countries becomes imperative. We spend the time necessary to work through and guide our clients on regulatory and compliance requirements and provide them with ongoing support.