Global Investment Solution

Think about the amount of time we spend on social media daily or think about the games we play on mobile. With decades passing by, we have essentially become a global consumer. Essentially, our diurnal activities involve using services from multiple global giants. This leads us to an important question: if we are global consumers, then why are we not global investors?

In order to get exposure to global markets, we have collaborated with a global digital-first private wealth platform. Together, we provide a no-frills wealth management solution that is powered by algorithms and a global team of investment professionals.

From a compliance perspective, our partner is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore; the Securities and Exchange Board of India; and the Securities and Future Commission of Hong Kong. Brokers for the global asset business are Interactive Brokers and Saxo Capital Markets. Custodians of the assets are DBS Bank. Thus, clients can now invest across 25 countries and participate in over 100 exchanges globally, without worrying about ease of transaction or taxation impact.